Daniel Speyer

This is my personal page. It aggregates things by or about me.

Research Projects

Contact Information

  • Email: dspeyer@gmail.com
  • GPG Public Key: as text, as binary GPG keyring. (Please do not encrypt email to me by default. To keep my private key safe, I keep it in a place that's somewhat inconvenient for me to get at.)
  • Phone: 646-506-5378 (I usually don't answer for unfamiliar numbers, but I do read texts and Signal messages)
  • Facebook Messenger: daniel.speyer


In case you want to know what I look like


Getting more personal... If your relationship to me is a primarily professional one, probably best to stop here

Computer Games

  • Harbor Town -- The board game Le Havre, online for social distancing.
  • Rodent's Revenge -- I was challenged to do something interesting in under 50 lines of readable javascript. Success!
  • Pipedream -- The old gameboy game. I really just wanted to see if I could do it in javascript without any serious graphics tools. And who knew? I could.
  • Antepenultimate Minesweeper -- Minesweeper has been around for a long time, and nobody actually added features to it. Now I have. A silly little game. Not as silly as all the "ultimate" games out there which are really the same old games with eye candy, though.

Rationalist Ritual

Role Playing Games


Even More

Most of my writing goes on my Facebook, automatically mirrored to my Reddit and thereby subscribable as RSS. Other places you can find me inclue Less Wrong, Flickr, Stack Overflow and Giant in the Playground.